Willamette Valley – Oregon Tourism Listening Session

Travel Oregon, in partnership with the Willamette Valley Visitors Association, invites you to join the Willamette Valley Tourism listening session this spring. We want to hear from anyone who touches the tourism industry, including business owners, land managers, volunteers, nonprofits, policymakers and more, as we value all perspectives and opinions.

Your input is very important. Listening sessions’ findings will help shape the future of tourism in Oregon through Travel Oregon’s statewide strategic plan, as well as each of the 7 RDMOs’ regional plans.

Session attendees will have the chance to meet their RDMO representative and Travel Oregon employees, learn about and provide ample input on your region’s 2017-2019 plans and as well as for the statewide 2019-21 strategic plan.

All sessions are interactive, and attendees will be invited to partake in small group table exercises, provide input and share opinions in a respectful and productive manner.

Sessions are three hours; food and beverages provided.
Pre-registration is requested here.  Please share the link with partners through your communication channels. 

Event Details: 

11 a.m. – 2 p.m. 

Valley River Inn 
1000 Valley River Way
Eugene, Ore. 97401