For Businesses

“Tourism is a job creator on its own, but it’s also essentially the front door to the rest of the economy.” ~ Duncan Wyse, President, Oregon Business Council

Tourism jobs are often small business jobs connected to the communities they serve, all over the state. Building tourism for your business starts by connecting with your local community members and taking advantage of the partnerships at the regional level, which are led by your Regional Destination Management Organization.

Travel Oregon is dedicated to helping your tourism-related business flourish. To that end, we provide a variety of programs and services to help you better participate in Oregon’s tourism economy and improve your own bottom line.

The resources below are intended to be a starting point to help you learn more about partnership opportunities, tools to help tell your unique Oregon story as well as programs and workshops designed to help you further develop and sell your tourism “product”.

  • Destination Marketing Resources – connect with local Destination Management Organizations in your community and find out who your Regional Destination Management Organization is to leverage the work they are doing to promote tourism in your community.
  • Product Development – Learn more about the niche markets that we’re targeting and actively developing and see how your business could benefit.
  • Destination Development – Is your business located in a uniquely Oregon place? Travel Oregon can help you and your fellow community members develop a world-class destination that everyone will want to visit.
  • Working with the Travel Trade – Did you know that you can work with travel trade professionals to help promote your business? If the answer is no, then this is a great place to learn more about how to take advantage of the Travel Trade.
  • Partnership Opportunities – Travel Oregon provides a variety of partnership opportunities ranging from getting your business listed in the Travel Oregon Visitor Guide or on our website, cooperative advertising opportunities, purchasing leads and much more.
  • Sustainable Tourism – Is your business or organization committed to sustainable practices? Now you can bring special attention to those efforts by participating in the sustainable Business Challenge or getting involved in the Oregon Travel Philanthropy Fund.
  • Research – Our research section is chock-full of information about tourism trends, statewide and regional reporting, topical reports specific to niche markets, insights on traveler demographics and data points about the economic impact of tourism in Oregon.
  • Education and Training – We offer a variety of educational and training opportunities. Whether you’re interested in partnering with Travel Oregon, training front-line staff or learning about the latest industry trends, we’ve got something for you.