For Cities, Counties and Community Leaders

Tourism is a $11.8 billion industry and is vital to our state and local economy. It provides jobs, fuels small business development and generates revenue in every corner of the state. Every $1 Travel Oregon spends in domestic advertising generates $237 in visitor spending and $11 in state and local tax revenue.*

Further, the tourism and hospitality industry is Oregon’s largest traded sector employer and a leading contributor to our gross state product. Tourism directly generates more than 109,000 jobs in Oregon. For more information on the value of tourism and the continued impact it has here in Oregon, see the following resources.

  • Research and Reports –  Check out our research archives for information about visitor trends, data on niche markets and the economic impact of tourism in Oregon.
  • Destination Marketing Resources – Learn more about the work that local Destination Management Organizations and Regional Destination Management Organizations are doing to market tourism to the state of Oregon.



*Advertising Accountability Study, Longwoods International, 2012/13