South Lincoln County Community Success Stories

In 2012, South Lincoln County participated in Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio program. The community has since been working together to stimulate their local economy by mapping their non-motorized trails for outdoor recreation tourism, hosting a one-of-a-kind gravel bicycle race, and through the creation of a community-led program called We Speak.

Visit South Lincoln County’s Rural Tourism Studio page to see what workshops took place in their community to lead to the following results.

Hike Bike Paddle Map

Map CoverA project to map all the non-motorized trails traversing 20 miles of coastline and 300 square miles of land and water in South Lincoln County creates a more compelling and accessible visitor destination that also benefits a strong base of local users.

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Oregon Coast Gravel Epic

logoTwo small communities collaborate with a private company to create an unusual, elite bicycling event that immediately creates a buzz. A strong grassroots network of local organizations and volunteers ensures a good fit with the communities’ character and builds genuine local support. This is now an annual event.

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We Speak HikingWe Speak

South Lincoln County built on the concept of an innovative training program for community ambassadors, originally developed as part of the Oakridge Rural Tourism Studio in 2010-2011. In order to make the program more scalable and sustainable, this new iteration primarily uses DVDs narrated by local experts that can be shown repeatedly, and in a variety of settings rather than in a live workshop setting. The new design reflects lessons learned in Oakridge, and is more comprehensive, with 12 different subjects.  The goal is the same: to ensure that every person who comes in contact with a visitor can be an informed ambassador for all the community has to offer.

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The video above, produced in collaboration with Write to Know Consulting and Maser Films, highlights the inspiring efforts of South Lincoln County; a region working together to stimulate their local economy through tourism. Please feel free to use this video in your communications and outreach. You may link directly to the video on YouTube here, or download it here

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