Wallowa County Community Success Stories

In 2009, Wallowa County was the first region to participate in Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio. The region has since been working together to stimulate their local economy through bicycle tourism, agritourism and heritage tourism.

Visit Wallowa County’s Rural Tourism Studio page to see what workshops took place in their community to lead to the following results.


Catalyzed by workshops about market opportunities, tours of active agritourism operations and growing local interest in local foods, Wallowa County farmers and ranchers connect to support each other in diversifying their operations through agritourism.

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Bicycle Tourism

Momentum for bicycle tourism is growing in Wallowa County with a range of projects related to road cycling, mountain biking and multi-use trail development. Together, these foundational activities are “getting the ball rolling for people to have quality cycling experiences” as a part of the diverse visitor activities that Wallowa County offers.

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Heritage Tourism

One woman with a personal story and a powerful vision built partnerships and allies that have willed the new Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center (MHIC) into existence. Through the Center, a unique, hidden aspect of Wallowa County’s African American and Civilian Conservation Corps heritage is coming to life.

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The video above, produced in collaboration with Write to Know Consulting and Maser Films, highlights the inspiring efforts of Wallowa County, Oregon; a region working together to stimulate their local economy through bicycle tourism and agritourism. Please feel free to use this video in your communications and outreach. You may link directly to the video on YouTube here, or download it here

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