Clackamas River Recreation Studio

Clackamas River

For Oregonians, a strong connection to our great outdoors is part of our identity. Outdoor recreation significantly impacts the well-being of our economy, community livability, health and environment.

The Clackamas River Tourism Studio program is designed to help the region strategize and develop solutions towards a well-managed and sustainable river. The program will focus on developing unique water-based recreation experiences that will help establish the Clackamas River as a thriving tourism destination, yielding positive economic impacts, improving local livability and enhancing river health.

We will explore examples of other world-class adventure travel destinations to inspire new thinking, examine how our state and your region can evolve to meet the growing needs of the water-focused adventure traveler, while addressing issues of sustainability and seasonality.

Let’s work together to stimulate the local economy while protecting and enhancing local resources and maintaining the qualities that make the Clackamas River so special. Be a part of the discovery and get inspired with new ideas to evolve and improve this aspect of your local economy.


Familiarization Tour – Upper River
Mon., April 1 | 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Location & details TBD

Join your peers on a tour to visit significant recreation sites on the upper Clackamas River.

Workshop I – Upper River: World-Class Recreation Development and Enhancement
Tue., April 2 | Full Day Workshop
Estacada, Ore.

The upper Clackamas River is a haven for adventure and outdoor recreation. Join your peers to listen, share and brainstorm ways to help catalyze the river into a world-class river recreation destination.

Familiarization Tour – Lower River
Mon., April 8 | 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Location & details TBD

Join your peers on a tour to visit significant recreation sites on the lower Clackamas River.

Workshop II – Lower River: Sustainable Management and Improved Visitor Experience
Tue., April 9 | Full Day Workshop
Oregon City, Ore.

The lower Clackamas River is a hotspot for locals and visitors alike. In this workshop we will explore how usage impacts the river’s health and discuss ways to improve access that can achieve outcomes such as local livability, river sustainability and positive economic activity.

Workshop III – Full River Region: Planning for Action
Tue., April 30 | Full Day Workshop
Estacada, Ore.

This workshop will bring together the most promising ideas from the upper and lower workshop segments to create a cohesive approach to developing a world-class tourism asset while improving river health and local livability. Our goal is to develop an achievable action plan and improve collaboration into the future.

Workshop Presenters:

Christopher Bernhardt
C2 Recreation Consulting

Chris’ passion is sharing the outdoors with others. He has developed cycling destinations across North America, Asia and Europe, bringing his accumulated knowledge back home to help Travel Oregon and our state’s local communities appeal to visitors.

Kristin Dahl
Vice President of Destination Development, Travel Oregon

Kristin leads the Destination Development team at Travel Oregon which fosters sustainable tourism development in Oregon.  Kristin directs the Oregon Tourism Studio program and oversees the state’s outdoor recreation, agritourism and transportation development initiatives as well as destination management programming. Originally from Juneau, Alaska, Kristin started her career in tourism as a glacier guide atop the Mendenhall Glacier, an experience that opened her eyes to the need for balancing economic growth with stewardship of people and place. As a whitewater guide and expedition leader, Kristin has worked in Oregon, Utah, Mexico, Costa Rica, Laos and Cambodia. With a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, she has spent the past fourteen years leading community-based economic development initiatives in the Pacific Northwest.

Scott Bricker
Product Development Director, Travel Oregon

Scott Bricker is the Director of Product Development on Travel Oregon’s Destination Development Team. This team spearheads the development of new products and supports businesses, communities and networks to deliver amazing tourism experiences in areas that include outdoor recreation, culinary and agricultural tourism and visitor transportation programs. Scott is a former non-profit executive, leading America Walks for six years and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance with roles of Executive Director, Policy Director, and Education Director over 11 years. Scott earned a master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University and bachelor’s in Political Science at SUNY Albany. Scott loves to wander, eat and drink his way across the globe. Scott lives on an urban farm with wife, daughters, chickens, bees and various pets.

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