Chinese familiarization trip at the Portland Aerial Tram in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon has targeted the Japanese market for many years. Trends indicate that younger Japanese travelers are beginning to explore the fly-drive product. However, most Japanese travelers visit Oregon in groups. Student groups continue to be an important market, as they typically enjoy a home stay and book hotels for arrival and departure nights. The tours always allocate at least two days for shopping, and the typical student spends up to $500 a day.

The Japanese senior and golf markets are also strong. The senior market shows a trend of increased spending as the Yen value has improved against the dollar. Oregon’s increased media exposure for world-class golf has contributed to greater numbers of Japanese traveling for golf. Along with golf, cycling interests have increased in the Japanese market.

Travel Oregon works closely with the state Japan Representative Office to promote travel trade and media. Our Global Sales staff also works with Delta airlines offices in Korea to identify opportunities in this market. Travel Oregon will continue to host tour operators and media with a focus on the golf market, which has demonstrated success in media coverage and bookings for group and independent travelers.

Travel Oregon has developed a strong partnership with Delta airlines’ China offices and has focused efforts on travel trade education through seminars and research tours. Travel Oregon attends travel trade shows in China and will continue to promote Oregon as a destination through public relations and collaborative promotions. A new public relations firm in China assists Travel Oregon in promoting Oregon as a destination.

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