Bike Friendly Business Program

Become a Bike Friendly Business and Enhance your Marketing Exposure to Bicyclists

What is the Bike Friendly Program

Oregon loves bicyclists. That’s why we’re the first state in the nation to create a Bike Friendly Business program geared toward travelers. It serves as a recognition and training program aimed to:

  • Help businesses understand the importance of Oregon’s growing bike tourism industry
  • Provide tips and tools for how businesses can be Bike Friendly
  • Highlight businesses who commit to enhancing the Oregon biking experience for visitors and Oregonians*(see note)

Why Your Business Should Participate

  • Bicycle-related tourism contributes $400 million to Oregon’s economy annually – approximately $1.1 million per day. By becoming Bike Friendly, your business will be primed to tap into this growing segment of our economy.
  • This free program will give tourism-focused businesses that fall in line with Travel Oregon’s Business Listing Guidelines special recognition through Travel Oregon’s marketing channels including, Oregon’s premier website promoting bicycle travel that receives nearly 170,000 visitors annually and, Oregon’s official travel website that attracts close to two million visitors annually.*(see note)
  • All participating businesses will receive a welcome packet with a Bike Friendly toolkit, stickers, window clings and the option to purchase a customized Bike Friendly sign.

Who can participate

All Oregon businesses are welcome to participate in the Bike Friendly Business program.*(see note)

How to Get Recognized as Bike Friendly

Businesses need to follow these four simple steps:

  • Step 1:  Know the program requirements and recommendationsDepending on the services or amenities your business provides, there may be requirements that we request you adhere to. We also list recommendations that are helpful for any business looking to maximize their bike-friendliness.
  • Step 2: Get inspired and informed! Watch the 3-part video/tutorial seriesPlease watch all three videos in full before completing Step 3. You will be tested on them in the application.
  • Step 4: Obtain your Bike Friendly sign and take advantage of your welcome packet materials.


*Please note, while all Oregon businesses are welcome to participate in this program, not all businesses recognized will be listed on our websites. Any Oregon business can become recognized as Bike Friendly, utilize the Toolkit and order their Bike Friendly sign, but only tourism-focused businesses that fall in line with Travel Oregon’s Business Listing Guidelines can be listed on and For lodging businesses, we also require that you have a basic free Oregon Restaurant and Lodging (ORLA) listing (see details on the Requirements page). Lastly, businesses specific to the bike-industry, such as a bike shop or a bike tour company, will only be listed on and not on 

Bike Friendly Business Program In Oregon

  1. Step 1: Requirements & Recommendations

    In order to participate in the Bike Friendly Business program, we ask that you adhere to our program requirements and…

  2. Step 2: Bike Friendly Video Series

    Now that you’ve read over and pledged to follow the Requirements and Recommendations to being Bike Friendly, please take 22…

  3. Step 3: Submit Your Application

    Thank you for your commitment to being Bike Friendly! Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete the online Bike Friendly Business…

  4. Bike Friendly Sign

    Once your business has been officially recognized Bike Friendly by Travel Oregon, you will have the option to purchase a…

  5. Toolkit & Media Room

    Welcome to the Bike Friendly Business Toolkit and Media Room. If you are looking for media coverage, information to help…

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    We have gathered a list of frequently asked questions for the Bike Friendly Business program. If you have a question…

Want more information about Bike Friendly Business Program?

If you have additional questions or comments about Bike Friendly Business Program, please contact the appropriate member of the Travel Oregon staff listed below.

  1. Nastassja Pace