Step 2: Bike Friendly Video Series

Now that you’ve read over and pledged to follow the Requirements and Recommendations to being Bike Friendly, please take 22 minutes to watch the 3-part Bike Friendly video/tutorial series below.

Please watch all three videos in full before continuing to Step 3. There are questions in the application aimed to test you on the information highlighted. If you already watched the video on the main BFB page, skip video Part 1 and begin with Part 2 below.

Feel free to click on the video and play it in full screen mode. Also, if you’re having trouble watching these videos via You Tube below, try downloading the files and watching them on your own device. 


Note: You may want to turn your volume up for this tutorial. Also, if you click ‘full screen’ and allow You Tube to upload the video for several minutes, the resolution will appear more clear.



Thank you for watching the Bike Friendly video series. You should now know what it means to have a Bike Friendly business, and you should have some great ideas on how to make your business even more welcoming to cyclists and offer more amenities they may be looking for. Now, head to Step 3.


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