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Welcome to the Bike Friendly Business Toolkit and Media Room. If you are looking for media coverage, information to help put together your own article or press release about your participation in Travel Oregon’s Bike Friendly Business program or for help on how to get businesses in your community to participate in the program, then you are in the right place! If for some reason you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

Bike Friendly Logo & Photos

Please feel free to use the Bike Friendly logo in your communications and messaging ONLY if you are recognized in the program or using it for media purposes. If you have any questions about logo usage, please see the Travel Oregon Style Guide. If you’d like photos to use, please contact us.

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Bike Friendly Business Logo








Bike Friendly Sign Information

  • Find all the details about the Bike Friendly Sign here. Businesses will get the private link to purchase their customized once they apply to the program and have been officially recognized Bike Friendly. 

Bike Friendly Business Program Messaging

  • Our Business is Recognized Bike Friendly by Travel Oregon – Our business has achieved recognition in Travel Oregon’s Bike Friendly Business program! We’ve demonstrated our commitment to serving visitors who ride bikes and to providing specific amenities they may need. We hope your business will become Bike Friendly too! Together, we can make the Oregon bike experience even better for our visitors and for the people who live here.  Learn more on our website.
  • About the Bike Friendly Business Program – Bicycle-travelers in Oregon spend $400 million annually – approximately $1.1 million per day! Travel Oregon’s statewide Bike Friendly Business program is the first of its kind in the nation, and is geared to help Oregon tourism-related businesses reach out to this quickly-growing segment of our tourism economy. Oregon tourism-related businesses are eligible to participate in this free program. Travel Oregon will officially recognize businesses Bike Friendly that demonstrate a commitment to serving visitors who ride bikes and who provide specific amenities they may need. Participating businesses receive special recognition and marketing exposure through Travel Oregon’s advertising network. Learn more on our website.
  • How to be Recognized Bike Friendly by Travel Oregon – In order to participate in Travel Oregon’s statewide Bike Friendly Business program your business must follow the four simple steps to get recognized. Step 1: Know the program requirements and recommendations. Depending on the services or amenities your business provides, there may be requirements that we request you adhere to. Step 2: Get inspired and informed! Watch the 3-part video/tutorial series. Step 3: Submit your application. Step 4: Once recognized, purchase your Bike Friendly sign and showcase it proudly at your place business – allowing visitors who ride to locate your Bike Friendly business while out on their adventure. Learn more on our website.

Bike Friendly Tools To Help You Share the Program

Bike Friendly Business Program in the Media


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