Blue Mountain Century Scenic Bikeway

A jaw droppingly beautiful loop route on pristine roads without loads of vehicle traffic, sound like paradise? Well actually it’s the Blue Mountain Scenic Bikeway. Travel Oregon helped local proponents of this Scenic Bikeway visualize strategies and enact plans for conceptualizing this amazing route and by developing an approach to passing on the associated economic benefits from the route to local businesses and larger communities.

Travel Oregon has designed a series of Bicycle Tourism Studios and workshops for the Oregon Scenic Bikeways and destinations seeking assistance in developing more bicycle tourism. These Studios are intended to help make our Scenic Bikeways the best places to ride in North America, to elevate surrounding areas as bicycle travel-friendly destinations, and to help local businesses benefit from visiting cyclists. The program is crafted to further planning efforts for each Scenic Bikeway, educate people about the growing cycling tourism market, foster key connections between local players and regional, state and national organizations, and focus community energy on the development of necessary infrastructure, business services and marketing activities.

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Sheryll Bates
Executive Director
Heppner Chamber of Commerce
(541) 676-5536

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