Outdoor Recreation (Means Business) Initiative

Rogue Wilderness Adventures offers raft and kayak trips on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River, near Grants Pass, Oregon. (Image by Kevin Wright)


Oregon’s Outdoor Recreation (Means Business) Initiative is a new statewide initiative drawing representatives from the outdoor industry – both big and small –  together with land managers, conservation groups, and user groups with the simple goal of increasing the economic impact and sustainability of Oregon’s outdoor recreation economy.

By developing a common vision and a strong network as a foundation, this initiative will build capacity and synergy to grow outdoor recreation in a sustainable manner for residents and visitors that will elevate this sector as a key economic driver, creating economic vitality in Oregon’s communities while contributing to the long-term sustainability of what makes Oregon, Oregon — our publicly owned natural assets. Ultimately, this initiative is aimed at making Oregon a world-class outdoor recreation destination.


In partnership with stakeholders from across the state we will determine the 15-year vision for the initiative. Listed below is a set of possible focal areas derived from our experience working with business and community leaders across the state to help shape the initial conversation.


  • Catalyze and support development of priority world-class outdoor recreation assets
  • Determine where new recreation infrastructure investments can be made to help alleviate congestion hotspots
  • Support existing recreational assets


  • Grow and support outdoor recreation businesses and tour operators by providing educational tools, business development resources, technical assistance, and peer networking
  • Build support for state and local resources to incubate small business development
  • Advocate to remove barriers by streamlining the process to develop small outdoor recreation businesses


  • Enhance promotion of Oregon’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation assets regionally and globally
  • Enhance collaboration to leverage and increase strategic marketing across industry
  • Influence consumer behavior to aid in reducing congestion at hot-spots and improve adoption of sustainable (Leave No Trace/recreate with respect) behavior


  • Identify and foster car-free transportation systems to access outdoor recreation
  • Provide clear information to support efficient and equitable access to outdoor recreation
  • Increase diversity of outdoor recreation participation


  • Identify and advance policy needs and support the development of agendas that will positively impact the outdoor-recreation and adventure-travel economy
  • Increase influence through coalition building and strengthening partnerships


  • Clearly depict the statewide economic impact of adventure travel and the outdoor recreation industry

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