Greater Portland Regional Tourism Plan

Riding the Eastbank Esplanade towards the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon. (Image by Dennis Frates)

The tourism region of Greater Portland represents Clackamas County (portions of), Columbia County, Multnomah County (portions of), Washington County.  The tourism partners involved in the planning, evaluation and execution process includes: Clackamas County Tourism, Columbia County, Travel Portland, Washington County Visitors Association. To review Greater Portland’s regional plans, please download the documents listed under “Regional Tourism Plan Details”.

Here is an overview of the region:

The Greater Portland region has a strategic approach to its two main programs, which the regional partners have agreed. Full time staff with the regional partners’ offices and RDMO inform the strategies and the processes in their respective areas of expertise and with consideration of Travel Oregon’s recommendations to the Greater Portland region.

The Greater Portland region will continue with two main strategies:

  • West Coast PR program and International/Global Sales
  • In addition, funds have been budgeted to assist partners with the work to implement the RCTP program of work, some administrative assistance for the RDMO and continued familiarization (fam) tour coordination for regional travel trade fam tours
  • $25,000 will be invested in destination development for E. Multnomah and Columbia counties

Read the entire 2016-2017 Executive Summary

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If you have additional questions or comments about Greater Portland Regional Tourism Plan, please contact the appropriate member of the Travel Oregon staff listed below.

  1. Harry Dalgaard
  2. Scott West