Sustainable Tourism Advisory Committee

Hiking Silver Falls State Park. (Image by Craig Tuttle/Getty Images)

Travel Oregon Forever is made possible with support from Travel Oregon and the guidance of our Sustainable Tourism Advisory Committee, which includes:

  • Al Munguia, Jupiter Hotel
  • Bonnie Lippitt, U.S. Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management
  • Caitlin Sessa, Sokol Blosser
  • Dan Kent, Salmon-Safe
  • Gary Golla, SERA Architects
  • Harry Dalgaard III, Travel Oregon
  • Jeanne Kubal, Ecotrust
  • Jon Tullis, Timberline Lodge
  • Jim Seeley, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance
  • Kari Westlund, Travel Lane County
  • Kieron Weidner, First Nature Tours
  • Kristin Dahl, Travel Oregon
  • Laura Guimond, Travel Portland
  • Marie Simonds, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance
  • Michele Machado, HI Portland Hawthorne – Hostelling International USA
  • Peter Samson, Oregon Special Olympics
  • Ramzy Hattar, River Pig Saloon & Kachka
  • Rob Sadowsky, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Tamara Kennedy-Hill, Travel Portland
  • Todd Davidson, Travel Oregon
  • Willie Levenson, The Human Access Project

Want more information about Sustainable Tourism Advisory Committee?

If you have additional questions or comments about Sustainable Tourism Advisory Committee, please contact the appropriate member of the Travel Oregon staff listed below.

  1. Andrew Grossmann
  2. Kristin Dahl