Agritourism Toolkit

This toolkit is designed as a resource to help agritourism business owners establish a strong marketing effort after ensuring business fundamentals are in place.

Business Basics

  • Secure the permits & licenses required for your business
  • Review your insurance needs
  • Evaluate the capital & human resource investment requirements to successfully operate your venture

If you need help accomplishing the business basics, learn moreĀ in the Oregon Agri-Business Council Workbook

Marketing Basics

  • Create an abbreviated way to describe your business (aka elevator pitch)
  • Research and analyze the potential market for your product and services
  • Identify a target audience
  • Set marketing and financial goals to focus & evaluate your efforts
  • Create a marketing budget
  • Create a checklist summarizing the tasks necessary to put your plan into action

Tips for Successful Marketing

Review a presentation that covers some of the following here.

  • Learn more about tourism marketing in Oregon
  • Example Press Release
  • How to Craft Your Message
  • Photography Tips
  • Providing Quality Customer Service
  • Signage Best Practices
  • Example Event Timeline

Want more information about Agritourism Toolkit?

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  1. Alexa Carey