Oregon Wildfire Information

Wildfire Survey Results

The safety of our residents and visitors is our first priority and it’s important we’re all providing consistent messaging regarding wildfires, closures and air quality.

Share the following tips on your channels for visitors and residents:

  • Know before you go: research conditions for the area surrounding your campground. Fire restrictions may be in place at the park, county or state level.
  • Maintain campfire flames at knee height, or roughly two feet high. This helps prevent ash or embers from becoming airborne, especially during the dry summer months. If you see the wind stirring up embers from your fire, play it safe and extinguish it.
  • Only build campfires in the existing fire ring in your campsite. Fire ring locations are carefully considered and park rangers clear vegetation around rings to create a safe buffer zone.
  • Always keep plenty of water nearby to extinguish your campfire. To put out your fire, drown the flames with water and stir the embers to make sure everything is wet. The stirring step is important: ash and wood debris often maintain heat and embers unless they are drowned out.
  • Beach campfires should be started on open sand, away from driftwood or vegetation. Use water to extinguish your beach fire, not sand. Covering the fire with sand will insulate the coals, keeping them hot enough to burn someone hours or even days later.
  • For propane fire rings, follow the same safety precautions you would with a log-based campfire. Propane fire rings should be placed in, on or directly next to installed park fire rings.
  • Make sure everyone in your campsite is familiar with campfire safety. Always keep an eye on your campfire.


For the most up-to-date information on current wildfire conditions, please use the resources below and share with potential visitors: 

Depending on your region, you and your visitors may be impacted by neighboring states that are currently experiencing wildfires.

For the latest on California’s wildfires, visit: https://www.visitcalifornia.com/california-wildfires
For the latest on Washington State’s wildfires, visit: https://www.dnr.wa.gov/Wildfires

Thank you to all the firefighters who are working to keep Oregon’s residents and visitors safe.

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