Regional Style Guides

  1. The Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon. (Image by Christian Heeb)
  2. On horseback at the Oregon Coast.
  3. Fly Fishing in Hood River. (Image by Tyler Roemer)
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The regional style guides below were developed in partnership with local regional representatives, Travel Oregon, and Travel Oregon’s advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy.   These guides were developed after listening sessions, consumer research and creative development meetings were held in each region. Each guide contains style elements for layouts, art, photography etc.

Why use one of these style guides to market your business or area?

  • Being consistent with who you are is fundamental to effective advertising.
  • When everyone adopts the voice of the region, we have a greater chance of making potential visitors feel like the area is a better choice than the many other options available to them.

Eastern Oregon

View the Eastern Oregon Brand Style Guide on SlideShare

For Eastern Oregon assets/questions contact:

Alice Trindle

Oregon Coast

View the Oregon Coast Brand Style Guide on SlideShare

For Oregon Coast assets/questions contact:

Marcus Hinz


Mt. Hood/Columbia Gorge

View the Mt. Hood/Columbia Gorge Style Guide on SlideShare

For Mt. Hood/Columbia Gorge assets/questions contact:

Jeannine Breshears


Southern Oregon

View the Southern Oregon Style Guide and Logo Asset Guide PDFs.

For Southern Oregon assets/questions contact: 

Bob Hackett

Willamette Valley Visitors Association

View the Willamette Valley Visitors Association Style Guide PDF

For Willamette Valley Visitors Association assets/questions contact:

Becca Barnhart


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