Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, a total eclipse of the sun will cross the United States. A 62-mile-wide “path of totality,” along which the sun will appear completely eclipsed by the moon, resulting in temporary twilight conditions, will stretch across the state from between Lincoln City and Newport on the West Coast to between Baker and Malheur counties on Oregon’s eastern border.


The effect of the eclipse will last under two minutes on the coast and stretch to just over two minutes in the eastern part of the state. The moon’s shadow will traverse the state in a mere 12 minutes, appearing at 10:15 a.m. PDT on the Oregon Coast, departing the state by 10:27 a.m. Areas outside the eclipse path will experience varying degrees of the moon’s shadow effect. The eclipse effect will still be noticeable, but the farther away from the center of the path, the less pronounced it will be.

Thousands of visitors are expected to travel to Oregon to view the eclipse, for many reasons: We are the first state in the country to witness this celestial event. We also expect to have some of the best seasonal viewing conditions in the country with the best chance for cloudless skies, particularly in Central and Eastern Oregon (how often can we say that?). And there are so many other things to see and do while in Oregon.

What you can do:

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Take advantage of these resources as you’re responding to questions regarding the eclipse:

Solar Eclipse Handout and Map

Regional Contact Information (provided by Office of Emergency Management)

Top Safety Tips

  • Leave No Trace: When traveling around Oregon, it’s important to practice “Leave No Trace” ethics, which includes leaving sites as you found them, disposing of waste responsibly, respecting wildlife and being considerate of other visitors.
  • Don’t Trespass: Many public buildings and private properties are not able to accommodate visitors. Make sure you are not trespassing.
  • Wildfire Prevention: August is peak wildfire season in Oregon, so please be vigilant about extinguishing and disposing cigarettes. Know fire risks and respect fire restrictions, including campfire bans. Avoid parking or driving on dry grass, as your vehicle can spark a wildfire. In many areas drivers are required to carry a shovel and fire extinguisher or gallon of water in their cars.
  • Avoid Excessive Waste: Consider packing large water containers and refilling them with tap water. Oregon’s water is some of the best in the world, so there’s no need to buy bottled water.

General Eclipse 2017 Information Websites

Welcome Centers

To safely view the eclipse, pick up eclipse-viewing glasses at one of the state’s eight official welcome centers, where you can also get more trip-planning information.

  • Boardman: 101 Olson Road, off I-84 East or West at Exit 164, in the SAGE Center. 541.481.7243
  • Brookings: 14433 Hwy. 101 S., half a mile north of the Oregon/California border and 5 miles south of Brookings at the Crissey Field State Recreation Site. 541.469.4117
  • Klamath Falls: 11001 Hwy. 97 S. in the Midland Rest Area, 9 miles north of the Oregon/California border and 8 miles south of Klamath Falls. 551.882.7330
  • Lakeview: 126 N. E St. in downtown Lakeview, 15 miles from the Oregon/California border, in the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. 541.947.6040, 877.947.6040
  • Ontario: 377 I-84 W. in the the Ontario Rest Area, a quarter-mile west of the Oregon/Idaho border. Accessible when traveling into Oregon. 541.889.8569
  • Oregon City: 1726 Washington St., off I-205 at Exit 10 at the The End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. 503.657.9336, 800.424.3002
  • Portland International Airport: 7000 N.E. Airport Way, off I-205, located in the arrivals level near baggage claim carousel five. 503.284.4620
  • Seaside: 7 N. Roosevelt ( Hwy. 101) and Broadway St. in the Seaside Visitors Bureau. 503.738.3097, 888.306.2326

Regional Websites

Regarding eclipse lodging: The Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) recommends that visitors with hotel reservations during the eclipse contact the hotel directly as soon as possible to confirm that their reservations will be honored at the originally advertised price and to make sure that the reservation has not been canceled. Hotels must honor originally advertised prices, regardless of whether the prices are advertised directly by the hotel or through a third party. Any visitors encountering problems with hotel reservations should contact DOJ’s consumer hotline by calling 877-877-9392 or filing an online complaint at