VI. Marketing Your Agritourism Venture

Marketing is simple: Determine the most likely customers for your product or service; communicate what you offer in terms of what your customers value; deliver what you promise and delight your customers, who will recommend you to others; price your offerings for a profit; and do it all with a smile! No wonder it can feel intimidating! But you can tackle it step by step.

The marketing strategy ties into your general business plan (see business planning resources in Section V); it should be consistent with your overall business values, goals and budget. But the marketing plan is different because it focuses on detailed tactics. Below are some Oregon resources, as well as selected tools from other states that are particularly useful.

Market Data

Marketing Resources and Advice from Travel Oregon

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Other Marketing Tools

  • Agritourism Signage: A Study of Best Practices – MARStewart Group
  • Social media for agritourism: The best way to convey effective social media is by example. Below are examples of effective web-based communications from agritourism businesses and agritourism business partners based in Oregon. These examples showcase three types of online platforms: websites, Facebook pages and blogs. The website is your general reference resource for customers, like a paper guide that doesn’t change often; Facebook is your newsletter where you announce upcoming events and show what happened; the blog is a window on your world, more broadly than you business alone. All these tools help you connect, and stay connected, with your customers.
    • Leaping Lamb Farm Stay, Alsea: Website and Facebook page
    • Dragonfly Farm & Nursery, Langlois: Facebook page
    • Plate and Pitchfork, Portland: Website
    • Camas Country Mill, Junction City: Website for schoolhouse project
    • Winding Waters Adventures, which partners with local ranches, Joseph: Blog