VII. Delivering a Great Visitor Experience

A great visitor experience not only satisfies the soul –in an era of lightning-fast communication via social media, happy visitors can be extremely valuable ambassadors for your products and services. They can also become friends! This section of the handbook contains resources for great customer service, as well as guides to creating specific types of agritourism experiences.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • Oregon Guest Service Training Program is a partnership between the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association Education Foundation and Travel Oregon. Through the program, you and your employees or family members can participate in an accredited and internationally recognized customer service training program, starting at a cost of $30/person. Learn more from the OGSTP Fact Sheet.
  • Visitor Readiness Considerations, a presentation from the John Day River Territory Agritourism Workshops, from Janet Dodson of Sunnyslope Marketing LLC.

High-Quality Experiences

Section VIII of the handbook provides additional examples of high-quality experiences created through win-win partnerships.