Statewide Tourism Survey and Town Hall Findings

During the 2016 legislative session, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 4146 increasing funding for Oregon’s statewide tourism investment. The bill states that 20 percent of state lodging tax dollars are to be dedicated to implementing Travel Oregon’s Regional Cooperative Tourism Program, and 10 percent are to be dedicated to a competitive grant program.

As the state’s tourism agency and stewards of this increased tourism investment, Travel Oregon is committed to ensuring our programs are successful in supporting and leveraging Oregon’s tourism industry and the positive impact it has throughout the state.

Following the passage of HB 4146 Travel Oregon worked with independent consultants to conduct an online industry survey seeking stakeholders’ opinions of the recently passed legislation, Travel Oregon’s programs, and priorities they feel are vital to enhancing tourism across the state.

In May and June, Travel Oregon hosted 21 Oregon Tourism Town Halls to meet with local community members to share findings from the stakeholder survey, give general updates on the state of the industry and, most importantly, to hear locals’ perspectives and priorities for the tourism industry and the evolution of the state’s tourism investment program.

View the statewide tourism survey and town hall report

Thank you to the industry members who completed the survey and/or participated in one of the 21 town halls.  The perspectives and feedback from these engagements will be key inputs informing the Oregon Tourism Commission’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2019.

Travel Oregon is excited about the confidence the Oregon Legislature has shown for the travel and tourism industry, and we look forward to working with the industry to further enhance our economy through travel and tourism.

Questions regarding the survey, town halls or the strategic planning process can be directed to