Message from the CEO

Grant McOmie and Todd Davidson steelheadin' on the Nestucca River in Oregon's Coast Range.


Dear Friends:

This is an amazing time to be in Oregon and to be part of the tourism and hospitality industry. I am honored to serve as the director of your state tourism office and to work alongside the most committed and talented staff found anywhere.

What excites me the most is that we are all part of something that is ripe with opportunity. First, it is an opportunity to galvanize ourselves to a common vision and purpose. Second, it is an opportunity to unify the experience offered to visitors.

Many of you have heard me share my vision of a trip to Oregon as a singular experience, not a collection of separate experiences. I believe we should all strive for that time when we have so cohesively unified our various offerings that from the time they begin planning their trip, to the time they return home, our visitors know they have been someplace unlike any other.

It’s not just about our diverse natural beauty, though we certainly have some of the most special and unique places on earth. It’s not just about the great food, wine, microbrews and other produce, although we certainly have much to offer. It’s not just about our rich culture and heritage, though it’s evident everywhere. It’s about Oregon — every last piece, place and person intertwined and interconnected to provide a unique and magical singular Oregon experience. The experience then becomes the promise we make to our visitors.

Each of us shares in this promise. A unified tourism and hospitality industry is critical to our success, and it will take courage, vision and tenacity to succeed. It’s just the kind of dream that Oregon is known for. I know we will succeed!


Todd Davidson