Press Releases

What we lack in cell service, we make up for in nature service. (Image by Clayton Cotterell)

Oregon is making news. Below you’ll find some examples of headlines and happenings, but don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Press Releases

  1. Oregon-based LAIKA Celebrates 10th Anniversary of “Coraline” with Statewide Screenings to Aid Wildfire Recovery Efforts

    It’s been 10 years since audiences followed a blue-haired girl to a mysterious Other World in the Oscar®-nominated 3D stop-motion…

  2. Time to Plan Your 2019 Vacation—Your Overall Health Will Thank You

    Research shows that American employees work more than any other nation in the industrialized world. This explains why more than…

  3. Travel Oregon Awards $350,000 for Local Tourism Projects

    Beach wheelchair lockers, historic theater renovations, mountain bike trail development and increased signage are just some of the products that…

  4. Travel Oregon Invites Explorers to Discover the Magic of Oregon’s Seasons

    If you were among the millions captivated by Travel Oregon’s whimsical Only Slightly Exaggerated advertising campaign last spring, now is your chance…

  5. Wagons Ho! Take a Lyft on the Travel Oregon Trail

    Imagine you’re an Oregon Trail settler who just spent six months on the dusty, bumpy and downright grueling journey west.…

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