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The "Oregon Weather Compass" featured in NYC's Times Square.

Oregon. Tax-free shopping. Treasure troves of truffles.  Epic outdoor adventure. World-class wines. Award-winning food carts. Writers have found much to love in Oregon. Dig in to the stories below to see what they have to say.

Oregon in the News

  1. WWeek.com, “You Can Now Mountain Bike from Washington to California on Oregon’s Largest Bike Trail”

    WWeek.com published an article about the Oregon Timber Trail, read the full article, here.

  2. Sunset.com, “The Best Ways to Experience the 2017 Solar Eclipse”

    Sunset.com featured a round up of the best places in the country to witness the eclipse, including Salem, Madras and…

  3. KGW.com, “5 things you might not know about the eclipse”

    KGW.com, “5 things you might not know about the eclipse.” An article that lists some tips and lesser known eclipse-related…

  4. NYTimes.com, “The Remote Oregon Town to Try Next”

    An article by Freda Moon describes the beauty Eastern Oregon offers. Read the article, here.

  5. Bloomberg.com, “A Tiny Oregon Town is Prepping to Be Ground Zero for Eclipse Tourism”

    Bloomberg.com includes  an article about the eclipse and the crowds expected to descend on the Madras area,  “A Tiny Oregon Town…

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