The 7 Wonders of Oregon

Whoever named the 7 Wonders of the World must have never seen Mt. Hood. They certainly didn’t explore the Oregon Coast. We’re confident they missed the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge. The exposed earth of the Painted Hills, Smith Rock’s towers of volcanic ash and the alpine peaks of the Wallowas were overlooked as well. All we can figure is whoever came up with the 7 Wonders of the World never actually set foot in Oregon.Because even Crater Lake was left off their list, which is a shame, because standing high atop the rim of the deepest lake in America you can see what a wonder our earth really is.

So we see your Wonders, world. And raise you 7 of our own. And we invite you to visit them. Not just to see them. Our Wonders aren’t just for taking pictures of. To truly say you’ve seen our Wonders, you have to get out of the car, hike down from the scenic vista and feel them beneath your feet.

Just remember: This is Oregon. So how you go about doing that is entirely up to you.

The 7 Wonders of Oregon. See one or better yet see them all.

7 Wonders of Oregon Story Ideas:

Mt. Hood

The Oregon Coast

The Columbia River Gorge

Painted Hills

Smith Rock 

The Wallowas 

Crater Lake 

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