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With summer so close we can taste it in our rosés and IPAs, it’s time to start peeling off that spring rain gear and plan your summer getaways. As always, Travel Oregon is here to help you with trip planning—and this time, we have help! Meet the Travel Oregon Salmon, our first official spokesfish (What? It’s a thing. We just made it one). He has a lot of incredible adventures and trip ideas to help lure you to Oregon. We know you’ll need a stellar place to stay on your well-deserved vacation. Lucky for you, there are some spectacular new lodging properties that are guaranteed to surprise and delight. If you’re looking for a different way to spend a few days in Oregon, try exploring one of our many new farm trails and discover the source of all the amazing food and wine the state produces. Spring is also a great time to swap ski slopes for sand dunes—just in time to get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beach Bill!

We like spring in Oregon. You might too.

Meet Our Official Tour Guide_MG_1142

Travel Oregon has welcomed spring by introducing its latest Oregon spokesperson…er, spokesfish (we’re still getting used to that being a thing, too) the Travel Oregon Salmon. He’s a robotic Chinook salmon – Oregon’s state fish – and he’s ready to take you on adventures all over the state. With the Travel Oregon Salmon as your tour guide, experience picnics in wine country, cycling city streets, dune-riding, fly fishing and stargazing in amazing 360-degree videos.

It’s not every day that a robot fish shares his favorite things to do in Oregon. But then again this is Oregon, a place that is far from ordinary. Things are going to get weird(er).

ReTREAT Yourself in Eastern Oregon

The rooms at the Retreat_Silvies Valley RanchHaven’t had a chance to see the vast, stunning beauty that is Eastern Oregon? Well consider this your official invitation. We’ve got the scoop on two new lodging opportunities that we promise will leave you speechless, while still giving you plenty to say. Set on an 140,000-acre working ranch, Silvies Valley Ranch is a hidden gem in the heart of Southeastern Oregon nestled in a valley between the Ochoco, Strawberry and Aldrich mountains. The Ranch offers two 18-hole golf courses, restaurants, wine cellar, saloon, pistol range, full service spa (coming soon) and fitness center. The much-anticipated opening is slated for June 2017.

Horseback, charter plane, or pleasant 8.5-mile hike. These are your modes for reaching the ultra-secluded, and amazingly luxurious Minam River Lodge. Located in the heart of Oregon’s spectacular Eagle Cap Wilderness, the Minam River Lodge is a rare and unique place. Stroll from the Lodge down to the Wild and Scenic Minam River, one of the most pristine rivers in the country. Explore (by foot or horse) one of the many scenic trails in the surrounding area. View wildlife from bald eagles to elk to spawning salmon (oh myyyyy). Or, just relax and enjoy delectable cuisine featuring the ultra-fresh bounty of their garden. The lodge offers an array of beautiful hand-built accommodations, from rustic log cabins, teepees, and luxurious lodge suites.

Happy AgritourismTrailsSummerville, Dry Creek Lane,, Summerville, Oregon

Do you dream of strolling through fragrant lavender fields? Do you have a hankering for fresh, luscious local watermelon? How about sampling farm-fresh cheeses while sipping multifaceted Syrah that’s as distinct as its cobblestone terroir? Then you might like a self-guided tour of one of the many farm loops in Oregon. What are you waiting for? Hit the road and head to Eastern Oregon where you can explore Milton-Freewater and “The Rocks” AVA on the Whisky & Rocks Farm Loop. Or journey to the source of Oregon’s famous Hermiston watermelon as you trek the River to Hills Farm Loop that meanders from the Columbia River to the rolling foothills of the Blue Mountains. Oregon history coupled with epic vistas (not to mention an abundance of fresh-picked fruit and produce) abound on the Cove-Union Farm Loop. Or, head to the Southern Oregon Coast and check out the Wild Rivers Coast Farm Trail that runs from Bandon to Port Orford. Whichever route you choose, take your time and truly savor the bounty (and beauty) of Oregon.

 50th Anniversary of The Beach Bill

Sea stack,Cannon Beach,Oregon Coast,USAIn 1967, Governor Tom McCall proclaimed that all Oregon beaches would forever be a place for the people. Oregonians so value digging our toes into the sand while viewing our jagged sea stacks and iconic haystack rocks (there are three of them!)  that dot our coastline that we now named it the People’s Coast. After all, undeveloped beaches make for the most epic sunsets and create wide open dunes that are perfect for fatbiking, dune buggies, sand boarding, horseback rides, hikes and bonfires…okay, you get the picture. That’s why this summer, we’re excited to celebrate the famous bi-partisan “Beach Bill.” July 6 marks the 50th anniversary of this landmark law signed by McCall to protect the state’s entire 363 miles of coastline from privatization and exploitation. Long live The People’s Coast!

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