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We’ve foraged a few tasty new tidbits for you to mix into your editorial calendar. Read on to see why Oregon is the perfect muse.


Whether you’re a naysayer or a believer, Oregon’s got lots of riveting new ways to track down Sasquatch. Hike deep into the rugged Eastern Oregon wilderness with Blue Mountain Big Foot Research. They offer “Squatching Trips,” ranging from a six-hour jaunt to a weekend adventure. They supply all food, gear and research equipment; you bring an open mind. If the possibility of running into the big hairy guy face-to-face isn’t your thing, take to the sky! Big Mountain Heli Tours will take you in a one-hour ride above the Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon in a private helicopter. The only Bigfoot helicopter tour in the world, this 80-mile loop soars over the Cascade Mountains, giving visitors the chance to spot Sasquatch with an eagle’s eye view. Even if you don’t spot Bigfoot, you’ll still revel in epic views of the pristine snow-capped mountains. Speaking of epic views, the Eagle Cap Excursion Train runs along a roadless stretch meandering by rivers, forested ridges and jagged basalt cliffs in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Eastern Oregon. And, you guessed it: they offer a “Seeking Bigfoot” route. With so many exciting ways to search for Sasquatch, it might be hard for Oregon’s most elusive resident to stay hidden much longer!

O, Christmas Tree!

For those looking to venture into the forest and look for something a little less, well…hairy, head to the Willamette National Forest (WNF) to search for Christmas ornaments! Yes, we know it’s summer. But, this year Oregon has been selected to provide the Capitol Christmas Tree in Washington D.C. and we feel like a bunch of kids on Christmas Eve. To celebrate, the Willamette Valley Visitors Association couldn’t wait to give out our Christmas gifts; they have hidden two hundred glass ornaments along non-wilderness trails in the WNF. Those who find the ornaments will be eligible to win additional prizes, as well as use the ornament I.D. tag to enter themselves in a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to Washington D.C. to attend the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting festivities. So, get out there and #FindYourTrail and #FindYourOrnament!

A Taste of the Oregon Coast

In Oregon, we like trails—there’s the Pacific Crest Trail, The Oregon Timber Trail, and of course, The Oregon Trail—but we invite you to check out a trail that doesn’t require hiking boots or a covered wagon. All you need is an appetite. Hit the brand new North Coast Food Trail to fish, forage and farm your way from Cannon Beach to Lincoln City. Meet the cows that supply dairy for Oregon-made cheese, learn to forage for mushrooms, pluck fresh Dungeness crab from the ocean, or sample a local craft brew. Whichever stops you make on the trail, you’ll get a taste of true coast-to-table fare and Oregon’s rich bounty.


Cold Brew is Hot! 

Can you guess Google’s No. 1 beverage search term in 2017? Cold-brew coffee. Can you guess the No. 2 search term? Nitro cold-brew coffee. This summer, Oregon’s cold-brew coffee scene is about to get even hotter. Coming in July, Bend-based Riff Cold Brewed Coffee will open the world’s first taproom dedicated to cold-brew coffee. Riff’s innovative 18-tap-tower pouring system will serve a wide variety of cold-brew variations, including nitro, sparkling, cold-brew cocktails and culinary collaborations with other craft beverage companies (think beer, wine and soda). The taproom promises to be anything but your typical coffee shop, so don’t expect espresso machines, latte art or an eye roll for ordering decaf. What you can expect is a one-of a kind, inviting and innovative space that encourages visitors to have fun, hang out and experience thoughtfully crafted cold-brews.

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