Research & Reports

Aspen Lakes Golf Course, Central Oregon. Golf is a key driver for recreation seekers in Oregon.

Research helps Oregon’s Tourism and Hospitality industry make informed decisions regarding product development, enhances the industry’s marketing efforts, helps track trends and performance at state and national levels and provides performance measures for the agency and the industry. Travel Oregon initiates original research by contracting with professional researchers, purchases relevant studies and partners with others to develop research that will benefit Oregon.

Research and Reports

  1. Oregon Travel Barometer

    The Travel Barometer is a quick-read dashboard of key travel indicators designed to show changes in the metrics that affect Oregon’s tourism industry. The Travel Barometer will be updated on a monthly basis (with lag time to compile the indicators).

  2. Oregon Visitor Report: 2017, Longwoods International

    Travel Oregon worked with Longwoods International to identify the profile of Oregon’s domestic visitors in 2017. The purpose of this…

  3. Oregon Tourism: Creating Meaningful Jobs

    On March 3, 2016 Oregon lawmakers passed HB4146, increasing the state transient lodging tax from 1 to 1.8 percent for…

  4. Oregon Travel Impacts: 1991 – 2017, Dean Runyan Associates

    This report describes the economic impacts of travel to and through the state and each of its 36 counties over the time period of 1991 to 2016.

  5. Outdoor Recreation Economy Report: 2017, Outdoor Industry Association

    Outdoor recreation is a growing and diverse economic sector that is a vital cornerstone of successful communities. This report calculates…

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