2016-2017 Travel Oregon Annual Report

House Bill 4146 stipulates Travel Oregon to submit an annual report on the funds received by the commission during the prior fiscal year pursuant to ORS 320.305. Additionally, Travel Oregon submits an Annual Financial Statements for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR); an Audit/Financial Review, biennially; a Strategic Plan and Budget, biennially; and Oregon Tourism Commission reports, quarterly.

Everything we do at Travel Oregon is aimed at improving the lives of Oregonians through strong, sustainable local economies. In order to achieve that vision, we work every day to inspire travel that drives economic development. Through creative innovation and key partnerships, we share the unique stories of Oregon’s people and places, deliver world-class experiences, strengthen the industry and ensure the preservation of the Oregon way of life and the beauty of its natural places. Over the past fiscal year (2016-2017), we’ve shared stories of Oregon’s people and places. We’ve helped deliver world-class experiences to visitors. We’ve supported the members of our strong tourism industry. In these ways, we ensure the preservation of Oregon’s way of life and natural places. We hope this report illustrates the progress we’ve made and the promising future we continue to strive for.