Fulfillment & Distribution

Travel Oregon’s fulfillment program provides visitor information to Oregon travelers in a timely and professional manner.  In addition, we also connect Oregon’s tourism industry to potential visitors through lead distribution and brochure distribution programs.

Consumer behavior over the past two years has changed; overall we’ve seen a 14% decline in publication requests from the website, 1-800 number, and reader response cards for print publications offered by us. This decrease is expected considering consumers’ preferential shift toward digital content, but it’s a trend we’re monitoring closely so we can adjust our strategy when needed.

  • For domestic leads, please check out the TOOL page.
  • For international leads - Travel Oregon distributes the international leads we receive during trade shows and sales missions to the Regional Destination Marketing Offices throughout the state, which then distribute them to their members. To gain access to these leads, please contact your local Regional Destination Marketing Office.
  • For brochure distribution – Travel Oregon operates eight Welcome Centers that are located at high-traffic gateways to the state. Yearly opportunities are available to distribute your brochures or magazines at one or more of these locations. Find out more on our Welcome Center Brochure Program page.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about Travel Oregon’s fulfillment and leads programs, please contact:

  • For domestic leads: Ariana Bray-Sweet, Global Marketing Services Coordinator
  • For leads in Canada, Europe, Asia or Oceania: Elena Vizzini, Global Sales Coordinator
  • For Welcome Center brochure distribution: Allison George, Manager, Industry & Visitor Services

Want more information about Fulfillment & Distribution?

If you have additional questions or comments about Fulfillment & Distribution, please contact the appropriate member of the Travel Oregon staff listed below.

  1. Ariana Bray-Sweet
  2. Elena Vizzini