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Global Strategic Partnerships

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Teresa O'Neill

Vice President, Global Strategic Partnerships

Oversees the Global Strategic Partnerships team which includes the following program areas:
• Regional Cooperative Tourism Program
• Industry Services
• Grants
• Strategic Partnership Development

Favorite Oregon Activity: A day on the slopes or a golf course in beautiful Central Oregon, followed by a tasty Pinot Noir

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Lisa Itel

Director, Global Strategic Partnerships


• Lead Travel Oregon’s grants programs and team
• Lead Travel Oregon’s integrated partnership strategy and oversee the execution of partnerships and sponsorships
• Lead Travel Oregon’s collaboration with Oregon’s economic development infrastructure
Favorite Oregon Activity: Riding the tram to the top of Mt. Howard at Wallowa Lake

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Matthew Finn

Coordinator, Global Strategic Partnerships

• Provides administrative support and project management support to the VP of Global Strategic Partnerships
• Coordinates and attends meetings with public and private sector partners
• Serves as a liaison on behalf of the Global Strategic Partnership Team to internal and external stakeholders

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Harry Dalgaard

Director, Regional Cooperative Tourism Program


• Strategizes and develops Regional Cooperative Tourism Program plans
• Liaises with Regional Destination Management Organizations regarding their execution of regional plans
• Maximizes impact of regional tourism investments

Favorite Oregon Activity: Chanterelle picking, mountain biking and trail stewardship

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Kate Sappell

Project Manager, Regional Cooperative Tourism Program

• Serves as the project manager of the Regional Cooperative Tourism Program
• Liaison between Regional Destination Management Organizations and Travel Oregon departments
• Assists in the tracking and implementation of regional strategic plans

Favorite Oregon Activity: Long walks up tall mountains accompanied by alpine dips

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Michelle Woodard

Grants Manager

• Administers and monitors Travel Oregon’s competitive and matching grants programs
• Manages the grant application, review and awards process
• Responsible for increasing positive economic impacts of tourism and strengthening Oregon’s diverse local tourism industry through Travel Oregon grants

Favorite Oregon Activity: Exploring the great outdoors and spending time with family in Ashland

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Louisa Mariki

Grants Coordinator

• Provides administrative support to the Grants Manager
• Serves as initial stakeholder point of contact for the grant programs
• Tracks and manages data in the grant’s management platform
• Coordinates and attends committee review meetings

Favorite Oregon Activity: Spending time on the coast looking for great glassworks.