Consulting Resources

Travel Oregon has spent many years working with communities to help them develop thriving tourism economies. Along the way we’ve used a variety of consulting organizations. If you’re looking for consulting services as you develop your tourism destination, we invite you to explore the organizations below.

Note: The below list is grouped by each organizations’ primary specialty, please read short description and view website for comprehensive list of services provided.

Community and Organizational Strategic Planning and Development

Organizational strategy; collaboration & network strategy; meeting design & facilitation; training on how to make complex collaborations work
Contact: David Ehrlichman, Partner,, (650) 701-7021

Destination Sustainability
Community-driven tourism development planning; market-driven product development, performance metric development/analysis, and business skills training
Contact: Brian T. Mullis, Consultant,, (720) 273-2975

Future iQ
Strategic planning & facilitation, scenario planning, network mapping, regional and rural based tourism development
Contact: David Beurle, CEO,, (612) 757-9190

Nichols Tourism Group
Destination strategic planning and implementation, product development, industry advocacy, performance metric development
Contact: Mitch Nichols, Principal,, (602) 369-8526

Rural Development Initiatives
Downtown visitor assessments and development project facilitation, rural economic vitality roadmaps, assessments and planning
Contact: Anne Mitchell, Rural Economic Vitality Program Manager,, (541) 256-0551

Sustainable Travel International
Destination sustainability strategic planning; business sustainability planning; travel philanthropy fund development & management
Contact: Kaitlyn Brajcich, Communications Manager,, (917) 677-5731

Walden Mills Group
Community-based rural tourism planning; product development for cultural heritage tourism, culinary & agritourism, and ecotourism
Contact: Judy Walden,, (303) 433-5577

Write To Know Consulting
Economic development and tourism strategy facilitation; project collaboration & implementation; tourism development evaluation & documentation
Contact: Kathi Jaworski, Principal,, (541) 953-4755

Signage & Wayfinding

Mayer/Reed, Inc.
Signage, wayfinding & interpretive planning; branding & logo design; master planning & site design
Contact: Kathy Fry, Principal,, (503) 223-5953

Destination Marketing*

Great Destination Strategies
Research & analysis; branding, identity and vision development; marketing strategy; product development; training
Contact: John Kelsh, Principal,, (206) 963-1235

Total Destination Marketing
Destination branding for small cities and regions, tourism assessments & strategy development
Contact: Bill Baker, Chief Strategist,, (503) 692-4603


Driftline Consulting
Data analysis and interpretation; custom survey research; interactive data visualization and analytical tools; market analysis; campaign measurement, attribution, and benchmarking; data-driven strategy development
Contact: Scott Warren, Partner,, (970) 510-6229

Economic valuation, market impact, market assessment, and financing services for tourism and outdoor recreation industry.
Contact: Allison Tivnon, Marketing Director,, (503) 222-6060

Bicycle Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Planning & Development

Axiom Event Productions
Event management specializing in large scale outdoor events
Contact: Brad Nelson, Owner,, (503) 610-6110

C2 Recreation Consulting
Mountain bike trail & bike park planning, design, and construction; grant funding for trail development; bicycle tourism asset assessments
Contact: Chris Bernhardt, Principal,, (503) 913-9623

International Mountain Biking Association (Trail Solutions Program)
Contacts: James Clark, VP of Field Operations,, (831) 331-7482
Mountain bike trail planning, design and construction

Maura Schwarz
Scenic Bikeway development; bicycle tourism and agritourism development; strategy facilitation; business feasibility & development
Contact: Maura Schwarz, Consultant,, (541) 325-1064

Mudslinger Events LLC
Recreational event planning and consulting, logistical planning and support for competitive and touring events (cycling, running)
Contact: Mike Ripley, Owner,, 541-225-7946

Agritourism Development

Plate & Pitchfork
Agritourism land use, permitting and policy expertise; agritourism site assessments; marketing, product and business development consultation; community engagement & customer service training
Contact: Erika Polmar, Founder,, (503) 852-1031

Grant Writing

Meredith Howell
Grant writing coaching, tourism project development & implementation consultation
Contact: Meredith Howell, Primary Consultant,, (541) 760-6255


*Travel Oregon team members can also suggest marketing service contractors we’ve used in the past specializing in:

  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Social Media and Web Design
  • Media Relations
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography