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Stakeholder Workshop: A Transformational Strategy for Oregon Tourism

Following the 2021 Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism, Travel Oregon invites you to join us for interactive workshop with our strategic planning firm, Destination Think.

Date and Time
June 16, 2021
3:30-5 p.m.
Virtual Event
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How does tourism contribute to a better life for all Oregonians? How can travel better enhance communities and contribute to equitable livability? How do we create more economic resilience for our diverse workforce? How can we grow Oregonians understanding of and support for the value of tourism? How can we restore and manage the balance between environments and visitor pressures? How do we direct tourism impacts to preserve natural resources and cultures?

As we launch into the development of our transformational four-year strategic plan, it is vital we hear from you: Oregon’s tourism industry. We would love to gain diverse perspectives that have the potential to drive change and help inform the foundation of our transformational strategic plan. Your participation is crucial and valuable to help transform the future of tourism in Oregon.