COVID Recovery Training: The Return of International Inbound Travel

Steps to Success Workshop Series, Part 2 of 3

Date and Time
March 2, 2022
10-11:30 a.m.
Virtual Event
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A Deeper Dive into The Mechanics of Working with International Inbound Operators

Join Travel Oregon for the next IITA’s Steps to SuccessTM webinar as we dive deeper into the mechanics of working with international inbound operators. Begin thinking about your tourism potential as you discover the different characteristics of each level of the travel trade, understand the types of visitors arriving, and what tools you need as a business to target the tourism markets you want.

  • Dive deeper into the various levels of the travel trade and their unique characteristics to begin to shape your inbound tourism development strategy.
  • See how to build a dynamic “business profile” that addresses requirements of a 3rd party seller of travel products and gets traction to sell your business more easily.
    • Learn what buzz words and influencing points to include in your key documents that will gain the interest of the travel trade.
    • Review samples, tips and tricks and take your next step to create your own necessary and useful resources.
  • Develop a competitive pricing structure while maintaining industry rate integrity.
    • Understand the importance of maintaining rate integrity to build long lasting relationships.
    • Obtain repeat business by following the travel trade model and learn how to incorporate rate systems in your business.

Your attendance will be time well spent to collectively promote Oregon as a desired destination for the rebound and resulting in economic impact of international visitation.


  • Inbound operators are based here in the U.S.
  • International visitors stay longer, spend more and dive deeper into destinations.
  • The ability to procure seasonal and off-peak business when you want and need it.
  • The opportunity to provide repeat, consistent, long-term business.
  • No entry barrier! You pay nothing to the travel trade until they book.
  • Nothing to lose; everything to gain.
  • Diversification; eggs in different basket; tour and travel always come back.
  • High demand rates; min night stays; be low on restrictions.


  • Attractions/Activities/Tour/Local Tour Guides: You are the reason visitors want to visit!  Learn how to have your business booked in advance!
  • Tourism Councils/CVBs/DMOs: Help your stakeholder tourism businesses achieve success because you understand what is important for them. In addition to attending yourself, encourage your stakeholders to learn along with you!
  • Arts/Cultural Institutions/Historic Places: You are the essence of your destination highlighting the history and uniqueness! Working with the travel trade can add visitation, increase global awareness, and attract key markets.
  • Accommodations: Are there key need periods or room types you want to sell? Develop relationships with select partners you can rely on for long-term repeat business.
  • Dining/Breweries/Wineries: Every visitor must eat. Travel trade can bring you visitors for all three meal periods and during your off-peak periods. Individuals as well as groups have an opportunity here.
  • Retail/Services: Shopping is the number activity for visitors globally. Learn to drive visitors to your retail space as a pre-made decision before they arrive while creating fun partner programs.
  • Transportation: International visitors are more adventurous and willing to travel by all modes of transportation.
  • Parks & Recreation: Visitors who arrive through the travel trade make pre-determined choices on where they will visit. These relationships can help push visitors into year-round periods and change visitor habits.
  • Sports: You can see more bookings in advance and push harder to sell seats or time periods when you want to increase your ticket sales!
  • Events/Festivals: Have partners who promote your events and festivals, fill the space, and assist you in having a successful event!