Oregon State Parks Disability Listening Sessions

Facilitated by Ashley Schahfer, Owner of Empowering Access, Disability Inclusion Consulting

Date and Time
April 13-May 31, 2022
6-8 p.m.
Virtual Event

Participate in  a series of workshops with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) and Ashley Schahfer, owner of Empowering Access, focused on removing physical access barriers at Oregon’s state parks for our disabled community.

We would like participants feedback to help OPRD develop the new Oregon Accessibility Design Standards. By participating you will be helping us identify and address barriers to recreation in features such as trails, picnic areas, water access, and campgrounds.

The workshops will help identify barriers to access, set priorities, and brainstorm solutions tailored to your needs and desires in the outdoors.

Who is invited to participate: People with disabilities who experience barriers to accessing and enjoying public lands. If you are not disabled but would like to help, we would greatly appreciate you forwarding this message to anyone who might be interested. Your insight into access outdoors is essential to the success of this project. We value your lived experience and are here to listen and work together to develop solutions.

To attend you will need to register through the links below or by visiting OPRD’s Accessibility Standards and Design Guidelines web page. Please use the registration forms to indicate if you need accommodations or translation services.

For more project information, visit OPRD’s web page.