The Future of Travel Mobility

U.S. Travel Webinar

October 26, 2021
Virtual Event
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On October 26, U.S. Travel Association will host “The Future of Travel Mobility,” which will gather global leaders in travel, transportation, and technology, elected and appointed officials as well as policy influencers to engage on central issues impacting the future of travel mobility and the traveler experience, including:

  • Sustainable Travel. A future vision for more sustainable travel including the electrification of the automotive sector. What are the implications for travelers, travel businesses, and travel infrastructure? How will we achieve equitable access for all travelers?
  • Seamless and Secure Travel. Biometrics and touchless digital technology will revolutionize how travelers move to and within destinations. How are technologies eliminating “pain points” in the travel experience? How will trusted traveler programs evolve? How do we overcome concerns over consumer privacy and equity to enable more seamless, inclusive, secure travel?
  • Innovative and Emerging Travel. From air taxis to hyperloops, supersonic airliners to high-tech tunnels that speed access to attractions, entrepreneurs are looking to radically reinvent how we get to and around destinations. What are the latest innovations in development? What are the business, social and policy implications of such visionary travel transportation innovations?

The Future of Travel Mobility promises to be a first-ever annual summit of public- and private-sector leaders fully focused on what is coming next in travel mobility and aiming to continue the dialogue in a robust and meaningful way over the next decade.