Understanding the Benefits of Short-Term Rentals for Destination Managers

Hosted by TTRA and Partner, AIRDNA

Date and Time
November 30, 2022
12 p.m.
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The composition of lodging has changed very significantly for destinations around the world. The skyrocketing growth of short-term rentals (along with changing traveler preferences) has introduced competing interests and polarizing opinions.

What is the real impact of vacation rentals? When are regulations needed, and when do they cause more harm than good? In effect, the landscape for destination marketing has become a grey area — it’s now become destination management.

In this webinar, the team at AirDNA is thrilled to unveil our latest research on the true impact of short-term rentals on destinations around the world. They’ll be joined by Adam Sacks from Tourism Economics to discuss the importance of STRs and the impacts of regulation.

What we’ll discuss: 

  • The latest research on the impact of short-term rentals on the housing market.
  • What to do when STRs are framed as a scapegoat for housing crises.
  • Key findings on the economic losses due to STR restrictions in 10 destinations.
  • The latest research on the “advocacy scorecard” which arms destination managers with data to approach regulation in your market.

Join to hear the latest trends and see actionable data to help in your advocacy efforts.