Willamette Valley Tourism Engagement Session

Date and Time
March 18, 2021
3:30-5 p.m.
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If you missed the engagement session or would like to revisit the presentation, it’s available here.

As work begins on developing strategic plans that are responsive to Oregon’s ever-dynamic tourism economy, Travel Oregon and the state’s seven official regional destination management organizations (RDMOs), hosted virtual engagement sessions to seek input from communities, local businesses and individuals that drive the state’s tourism economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic and necessary restrictions on travel have had devastating impacts on Oregon’s tourism economy and the communities that have grown to rely on tourism and travel to support local jobs and businesses. Additionally, the momentum of the movement against racial injustice, recent wildfires and more have exposed industry vulnerabilities (and need for further improvements) in Oregon’s tourism economy.

Anyone who is involved in the tourism industry, including business owners, staff, destination management organizations, public land managers, policymakers, and tribal representatives were invited and strongly encouraged to attend.

Participants had the opportunity to review draft regional strategic plans as well as high-level statewide strategic priorities and share their insights and perspectives. The information collected from participants during these sessions will help inform strategies, tactics and key programmatic and funding decisions in 2021-23 Strategic Plans.

Previous RCTP Biennium Plans can be viewed on Regional pages here.

The most recent Statewide and Regional 2020 Stakeholder Survey Results can be viewed here. This data is integral to the planning approach for both Travel Oregon and the seven RDMOs.