Domestic / Canada Trade Shows

Refer to the following list for trade show opportunities in Canada and the USA.

  • Travel Exchange The National Tour Association and the United Motorcoach Association are combining their annual Convention and Expo for a travel industry event like no other. Travel Exchange is one show that puts the full spectrum of North American travel buyers and sellers on the same floor.
  • America Bus Association (ABA) – The American Bus Association is an active, vibrant forum for buyers and sellers. With more than 120,000 pre-scheduled appointments and 800 pre-qualified operators, ABA offers a year’s worth of sales meetings in one week.
  • Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) – Travel Alliance Partners is a private corporation with the goal of increasing revenues for all. Being in the audience of business owners changes the selling game and creates enhanced relationships. TAP partners enter companies into preferred status carefully to ensure each supplier can benefit from our programs. All companies that TAP selects are considered “preferred” with some companies holding higher exposure than others based on commitment levels. By invitation only.