Working with Travel Trade

Travel Trade refers to tour operators and receptive tour operators. Companies can work with travel trade professionals to help promote their product. Travel Oregon works with tour operators who sell Oregon in all of our target markets.

About the video: Travel Oregon promotes the state’s diverse experiences to global markets through videos like the one above. 

Why work with travel trade professionals ?

  • Expanded marketing and sales reach. You’ll have someone else promoting and selling for you in places that you may not be able to reach.
  • Greater promotional reach at little or no extra cost: You only pay commission or offer a discount price when a sale is made, therefore it costs you nothing to add a profit margin onto your price in order to work with the travel trade.
  • Relationships that can last for years: The trade professionals get to know you and trust you to deliver a quality and consistent product. They will continue to promote and sell your product year after year.
  • A conduit between your product and the consumer: Until the consumer arrives to take your tour, enjoy your attraction or stay in your hotel, the trade deals with general inquiries, financial transactions and any problems that might arise.

For more information about working with the travel trade, please check out the presentation below.

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