RCTP Grant Funding Available From Three Regions

February 5, 2018

The Oregon Coast Visitors Association (OCVA), Willamette Valley Visitors Association (WVVA) and Central Oregon Visitors Association (COVA) have developed and launched grant programs funded through Travel Oregon’s Regional Cooperative Tourism Program.

Applications are currently being accepted from all three programs. See a brief description of the funding opportunities below:

Oregon Coast Visitors Association (OCVA) has a year-round Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) grant opportunity for requests up to $5,000.

Willamette Valley Visitors Association (WVVA) Matching Grants (requests between $2,000-$10,000) are currently available with a March 1, 2018 application deadline.

Central Oregon Visitors Association (COVA) Matching Grants Program includes the COMGP grants which are awarded annually and currently funded with $100,000.