Regional Cooperative Tourism Program RFP Opportunity

November 6, 2018

Travel Oregon is seeking proposals to fill the role of Regional Destination Management Organization (RDMO) for each of its seven regions as part of the Regional Cooperative Tourism Program (RCTP). The goal of this RFP is to solicit regional proposals from qualified parties interested in receiving designation as the RDMO for a six-year term consisting of three, two-year contracts. The proposals received in accordance with the RFP directions will be reviewed, ranked and provided to the Oregon Tourism Commission for their consideration and designation.

To apply for this role, the applicant must read and understand the RCTP Guidelines that help govern and guide the development of the RCTP.

RFP Directions 

  1. Use the RCTP Planning Template to develop a two-year tourism marketing, development, sales, strategic partnerships and staffing strategy for the Oregon tourism region your entity is applying for.
  2. All plans must be in alignment with RCTP Guidelines, Travel Oregon’s Strategic Plan and stakeholder feedback from the 2018 Regional Tourism Engagement Survey.
  3. Submit your 2019-2021 RCTP Plan with coinciding letters of support*.
  4. The deadline for proposals is Dec. 28, 2018. Applicants will be notified in January as it pertains to next-steps in this process. Final decisions regarding this RFP will be determined by the Oregon Tourism Commission at the February Commission Meeting.

*Note: Support letters must include a wide variety of stakeholders. See page 7 of the RCTP Guidelines.

To better understand the RFP process, review the RCTP Planning Template, see RCTP Guidelines, access results of the 2018 Regional Tourism Engagement Survey and apply for the RFP, visit:

Please direct questions to