Deadline Extended: Take the Oregon Wildfires Survey by March 16

March 9, 2018

In 2017, Oregon experienced one of its most severe wildfire seasons in years. Residents and businesses were affected throughout the state and the impacts on Oregon’s tourism industry were widespread.

In an effort to assist in recovery and resiliency efforts for our partners following wildfires, Travel Oregon wants to know more about the  impacts the wildfires had on Oregon’s businesses throughout the state. Once we establish a baseline for the impact these fires caused, we will be better armed to report on losses that fire leaves in its wake. And, we want to provide you with a potential resource to help you, should you need to request wildfire-related grants or FEMA funds.  And that’s why we need to hear from you.

With that in mind, we are surveying businesses and organizations throughout the state who were impacted during the 2017 wildfire season.  Although not all businesses were directly impacted by fires, many were impacted across the state due to smoke, road closures and canceled events. We know many businesses closed and events were canceled and we need to know if your business was impacted in any way.

For instance, is your business located in a town on the Cycle Oregon route? You were likely impacted. Is your business located in Southern Oregon? Due to the Chetco-Bar fire, you were likely impacted. Do visitors need to access your location via I-84? Due to the closure of the highway from the Eagle Creek fire, you were likely impacted. Do you own a business in Sisters? Due to the Milli Fire, the Folk Festival was canceled and you were likely impacted.

The survey is available until March 16. If you operate a travel-related business or organization in Oregon, be sure to take the survey.

The results of the study will be compiled by Dean Runyan Associates and Destination Analysts. Results will be shared with the industry at the conclusion of the study, which is expected to be April 30, 2018.

If you have questions, contact