Time to Plan Your 2019 Vacation—Your Overall Health Will Thank You

Research shows that American employees work more than any other nation in the industrialized world. This explains why more than 705 million vacation days went unused in the U.S. in 2017. Now more than ever, Americans need a vacation. Why? Because taking time off can improve personal relationships, professional performance and overall health. In response to this, Travel Oregon and the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association (ORLA) are working together to highlight U.S. Travel’s National Plan for Vacation Day on Jan. 29 by offering a 20 percent discount from participating hotels to anyone who books a future vacation on this day.

In 2017, Oregon employees left 9,659,000 vacation days on the table. That’s 28 percent of vacation days for Oregonians going unused. The good news is that the most effective remedy for this is simple: plan your vacation. Studies show that 53 percent of Americans who planned and scheduled their vacations are more likely to use all of it, take longer breaks and report greater happiness.

“People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life and more motivation to achieve goals,” says Dr. Michael Shrifter, psychologist at The Portland Clinic.

To help Oregonians plan their 2019 holidays, several hotel partners from around the state are offering a 20 percent discount to anyone who books a lodging reservation on January 29 for an upcoming vacation.  Find a list of the dozens of  participating lodging properties to choose from here.

“Our nation’s workforce has earned this time off and they owe it to themselves, their families and employers to plan that bucket-list vacation,” says Todd Davidson, CEO of Travel Oregon. “Research shows that just the act of planning and anticipating a vacation boost employee morale. It’s time to reclaim your well-deserved vacation days,” says Davidson.

To help employees get their vacation days on the calendar, U.S. Travel Association created a vacation planning tool. By simply entering the number of days off earned, users can begin to plot out their vacations for the year, export them to their work or personal calendars, and share with their family and co-workers. Whether you’re planning a long weekend or a 10-day trip, Oregon offers a diverse array of adventures. For some inspiration, read “Your Perfect Oregon Trip, Based on Your Vacation Days”.