Wildfire Messaging: Prepare Oregon’s Visitors and Residents

Dry conditions are already present in many areas and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) wants to remind visitors to enjoy their campfires responsibly.

Share the following tips on your channels for visitors and residents to follow:

  • Know before you go: research conditions for the area surrounding your campground. Fire restrictions may be in place at the park, county, state or federal level.
  • Maintain campfire flames at knee height, or roughly two feet high. This helps prevent ash or embers from becoming airborne, especially during the dry summer months. If you see the wind stirring up embers from your fire, play it safe and extinguish it.
  • Only build campfires in the existing fire ring in your campsite. Fire ring locations are carefully considered and park rangers clear vegetation around rings to create a safe buffer zone.

See more fire safety tips here in the Oregon Wildfire Information toolkit.