Economic Impacts and Value of Oregon’s Heritage Organizations and Events

November 18, 2022
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The Oregon Heritage Commission has released the Economic Impacts and Value of Oregon’s Heritage Organizations and Events report that speaks to the impact that heritage organizations and Heritage Tradition events have on Oregon’s economy.

Key takeaways of the report include:

  • Heritage Organizations support Economic Activity throughout Oregon
    • Heritage organizations supported $196.3 million in total economic activity through labor income and business support through purchases of local goods and services and employee spending.
  • Heritage activities support tourism
    • Heritage organizations and Heritage Tradition Events drew 3 million visitors during the year. All nine regions drew at least 50,000 visitors (to organizations and events), and six drew more than 175,000 each.
  • Heritage tourism is an important contributor for local economic development
    • Heritage tourism supported a total of 1,325 jobs and $55 million in labor income resulting in $147 million in total economic activity in Oregon.
  • Heritage activities are valuable community assets
    • Heritage organizations and events have social and cultural capital that make them invaluable to their communities

This report and communications guide is the latest addition to the Sharing the Value of Heritage Toolkit, an ongoing effort of the Oregon Heritage Commission to compile data, resources, and guidance to help heritage groups recognize and communicate the value of their work. This tool joins the Value of Heritage Message Platform, Cultural Value of Heritage messaging tool, Cultural Value of Heritage through Volunteers study and messaging, and the Value of Heritage in Disaster Resilience Messaging Guide.