Staff Directory

Albany, Beth Operations Assistant 971-717-6205
Astley, CMP, Carole Director, Industry Services 503-967-1563
Bray-Sweet, Ariana Insight & Planning Analyst 971-717-6182
Bricker, Scott Director, Product Development 971-717-6185
Carey, Alexa Specialist, Community-Based Services 971-717-6178
Clair, Katy Manager, Global Marketing 971-717-6181
Dahl, Kristin Vice President, Destination Development 971-717-6201
Dalgaard, Harry Manager, Regional Cooperative Tourism Program 971-717-6202
Davidson, Todd Chief Executive Officer 503-967-1568
Davis, Lorna Manager, Global Sales - Europe 971-717-6205
Duarte, Gabi Global Sales Project Manager 971-717-6207
Dunn, Kayla Community-Based Services Coordinator 971-717-6221
Eckhart, Greg Director, Global Sales 971-717-6193
Eder, Jaime Global Communications Coordinator 971-717-6196
Finn, Matthew Coordinator, Global Strategic Partnerships 971-717-6205
Forsha, Emily Content & Digital Community Manager, Global Integrated Marketing 971-717-6186
Gagliano, Linea Director, Global Communications 971-717-6184
George, Allison Manager, Welcome Center Program 971-717-6217
Ghahramani, Ladan Research Manager, Global Marketing Services 971-717-6205
Grossmann, Andrew Specialist, Destination Management 971-717-6211
Hackworth, Petra Vice President, Global Sales 971-717-6191
Hampton, Jeff Vice President, Operations 503-967-1564
Hill, Jenny Executive Assistant to CEO & Commission Liaison 503-967-1568
Itel, Lisa Director, Global Strategic Partnerships 971-717-6192
Jorgensen, Kate Project Manager, Global Integrated Marketing 971-717-6187
Keeney, Allison Manager, Global Communications 971-717-6195
Kutter, Robert Accounting Coordinator 971-717-6224
Lewis, Stephannie PDX Welcome Center Manager 503-284-4932
Lowder, James PDX Travel Advisor 503-284-4932
McCauley, Jordan Destination Development Administrative Assistant 971-717-6212
Morrissey, Sara Public Affairs Manager
Mullaney, Bryan Insights & Planning Manager, Global Marketing Services 971-717-6208
O'Connor, Erin PDX Travel Advisor 503-284-4932
O'Neill, Teresa Vice President, Global Strategic Partnerships 971-717-6190
Olson, Nastassja Project Manager, Strategy 971-717-6203
Otjen, Jessica Grants Coordinator 503-967-1562
Perry, CMP, Kendra Industry Services Coordinator 503-967-1561
Platanias, Heather Global Sales Account Manager 971-717-6194
Porter, Jamie Industry Communications Content Editor 971-717-6219
Sager, Hilary Product Development Coordinator
Sappell, Kate Regional Program Coordinator 971-717-6223
Schmidt, Kelda Coordinator, Global Marketing 971-717-6213
Senffner, Mark Brand Manager, Global Marketing 971-717-6177
Sherifdeen, Mo Director, Global Integrated Marketing 971-717-6189
Stewart, Kathleen Accounting Manager 971-717-6176
Stryker-Whyte, Cheryl HR Generalist 971-717-6220
Sturdevant, Michael Director, Global Marketing Services 971-717-6183
Suvagian, Cecilia Database Content Coordinator, Global Integrated Marketing 971-717-6188
Tuchman, Christina Administrative Assistant, Global Marketing 971-717-6222
Vizzini, Elena Global Sales Coordinator 971-717-6204
Watson, Sarah Executive Assistant to CEO & Commission Liaison 503-967-1568
West, Scott Chief Strategy Officer 971-717-6200
Wheatley, Jenna Manager, Global Sales - The Americas 971-717-6197
Williams, Meredith Executive Assistant 971-717-6222
Williams, Holly Global Marketing Services Coordinator 503-737-9316
Woodard, Michelle Grants Manager 503-967-1566
Wright, Kevin Vice President, Global Marketing 971-717-6222
Yorck, Sachie Global Integrated Marketing Content & Publishing Coordinator 971-717-6198