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As consumers and travelers we all know the difference a good customer service experience can make on your impression of a business or community, but did you know that only 9% of customers will leave because they are lured away by the competition? Fourteen percent will leave because of dissatisfaction with your product and a whopping 67% will leave because of the attitude of one person in your organization.

*American Society for Quality

Providing good customer service is essential to your business’s reputation, a guest’s return intent and TripAdvisor reviews. A study from the Center for Hospitality Research found higher review scores allow hotels to charge up to 11.2% more while maintaining occupancy rates.

Travel Oregon and the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Education Foundation have partnered with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) to bring the Oregon travel and tourism industry an accredited and internationally recognized customer service training program, Guest Service Gold®.

Two versions of Guest Service Gold® are currently offered to Oregon’s travel and tourism industry, both using the same core principles and both available at an Oregon exclusive price of $30 per person:

  1. Guest Service Gold®: Tourism, Oregon Edition is applicable to a broad cross-section of hospitality-related organizations. The stories featured were filmed in Oregon and use local hospitality employees. View the course introduction video.
  2. Golden Opportunities uses hotel scenarios from national locations to illustrate its principles and is most applicable for accommodations-based organizations.

Organization’s can pre-register and pay for a group of employees or individuals can pay via credit card. Upon successful completion of the program, individuals will be recognized as a Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®).

The curriculum includes:

  • Downloadable workbook with practice tests and practical ideas for implementation
  • Introduction video with seven true Oregon employee stories that illustrate core concepts
  • Diploma and lapel pin for those who successfully pass the test
  • Bonus course: TripAdvisor® Reputation Management for Front-Line Staff

Guest Service Gold®: Tourism, Oregon Edition 


The Guest Service Gold® training program offered through AHLEI offers a solution to the industry’s need for qualified, skilled workers who are trained to provide quality guest service. The program has been widely received by multiple Convention & Visitors Bureaus and Destination Marketing Organizations across the country. Although the program’s initial intent was specific to the hotel industry, other facets in the hospitality industry have embraced, adopted, and certified their team members with the Guest Service Gold® training. These include participants from restaurants, attractions, transportation companies, museums, and other travel, tourism and hospitality service providers.

Oregon’s tourism-focused course features stories of real Oregon hospitality employees and uses their actual service challenge stories to illustrate seven core principles essential to service.

Seven principles and story locations:

  1. Recovery: Turn it around – (Theory Restaurant at OMSI)
  2. Personalization: Provide an individualized experience – (Timberline Lodge & Ski Area)
  3. Knowledge: Be in the know – (Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel)
  4. Passion: Inspire others – (St. Josef’s Winery)
  5. Commitment: Be all in – (Portland International Airport)
  6. Inclusion: Include everyone – (Oregon Convention Center)
  7. Personality: Be yourself – (Travel Oregon Welcome Center)


Become confident in engaging and connecting with visitors to create a memorable Oregon experience.
Learn how you can provide visitors with authenticity, intuition, empathy, delight, delivery, and initiative and be a champion for them.
Be recognized worldwide, as a Certified Guest Service Professional®, currently the highest acknowledgement of award-winning guest service for employees in the industry.
Complimentary TripAdvisor Reputation Management online course.

Tens of millions of travelers share reviews of their hotel stays on TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel ratings website, and millions of others read those reviews when planning trips for business and pleasure. This training shows how managing your online reputation is essential and how guest reviews can contribute to a property's bottom line.

This 30 minute online course, developed by AHLEI in partnership with TripAdvisor®, provides clear information on how front-line staff can encourage positive reviews by providing exceptional guest service.

Forms of Training

Both versions of the Guest Service Gold® customer service training program are available online and the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association is offering some in-person classroom trainings as well. Learn more by visiting OregonGuestService.com. Personalized in-person trainings may also be possible for your employees at your place of business (there is a minimum number of people needed). If you would like more information on this program, please contact: Wendy Popkin, ORLAEF Executive Director at WPopkin@OregonRLA.org.

Have Questions?

Inquire about Oregon’s Guest Service Gold® Training Program

For further questions, contact:

Wendy Popkin, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Education Foundation (ORLAEF) Executive Director

WPopkin@OregonRLA.org | 971.224.1505

Find out more about Guest Service Gold®: Tourism, Oregon Edition

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