Past Grant Projects

Travel Oregon works to create a better life for Oregonians through strong, sustainable local economies. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping communities succeed in making their programs, events, assets, and destinations great. More than $4.8 million have been awarded through Travel Oregon’s grant program over the past decade to 150 projects across the state.

Take a look at what types of projects and entities have received funding to spur your own project ideas:

2018-2019 Small Grant Recipients – $350,000 awarded to 23 projects

2018-2020 Medium Grant Recipients – $853,000 awarded to 12 projects

2017-2019 Large Grant Recipient - $2.5 million awarded (for four years) to 1 project

2017-2018 Small Grant Recipients – $400,000 awarded to 29 projects

2016-2017 Grant Recipients – $485,000 awarded to 20 projects

2014-2015 Grant Recipients – $120,000 awarded to 11 projects

2011-2012 Grants Recipients – $66,500 awarded to 12 projects

2010-2011 Grant Recipients – $60,000 awarded to 10 projects

2009-2010 Grant Recipients – $63,000 awarded to 11 projects

2008-2009 Grant Recipients – $100,000 awarded to 16 projects

2007-2008 Grant Recipients – $100,000 awarded to 15 projects

Gain a broader understanding of what projects have seen success through the examples below:

Oregon Historic Theaters Needs Assessment

University of Oregon’s Community Planning Workshop was awarded a 2014/2015 Travel Oregon Matching Grant to document the physical, operational, and financial needs of Oregon’s historic theaters and develop recommendations for a statewide support system. University students partnered with Oregon Main Street, the economic development arm of Pacific Power, and Travel Oregon to thoroughly survey and assess the needs of the theaters. According to the Oregon Historic Theater Needs Assessment:

Theaters are economic catalysts that spur the growth and activity of surrounding businesses. According to 2011 estimates by Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council, each event ticket purchased generates an additional $24.24 in spending at local businesses. 

Survey results identified a significant potential for historic theaters to be an economic driver in their communities, however, most are currently facing challenges such as; aging infrastructure, lack of finances, lack of human resources, and increased competition.

In August 2015, a five-year “Action Plan” was initiated by Retore Oregon, Oregon Main Street, the Oregon Heritage Commission, Oregon Film, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Regional Solutions Team, Pacific Power, and the University of Oregon’s Community Service Center. The “Action Plan” will further the groundwork of the survey and in 2017, Restore Oregon plans to lead a committee that will develop strategic planning and preservation tools to help restore historic theaters and see them succeed as vital cultural and economic assets in their communities.

View the Oregon Historic Theater Needs Assessment

Visit the Oregon Historic Theaters website built from the findings of this project.

“MIKE the Bike”

MIKE the Bike brings visitor information to you.

Image credit: Travel Lane County

Travel Lane County was awarded a 2014/2015 Travel Oregon Matching Grant to develop a mobile bike visitor center named “MIKE the Bike.” The idea for the project purpose being to enhance the bike experience in Lane County by strategically placing the visitor center throughout the region for firsthand local information, local tips and personalized trip planning.

Travel Lane County partnered with local bike company, Bike Friday, to design and produce the bike. A great conversation starter, community leaders now ask for MIKE the Bike to attend their events. Within a few months of existence, the bike became an industry recognition as it was awarded the Destination Marketing Association of the West “Best Idea Award” and Destination Marketing Association International Visitor Services Summit “WOW Award” for most creative.

Take a closer look at MIKE the Bike

To learn more about the whereabouts of MIKE the Bike, visit Travel Lane County.

"Voices and Echoes" (Image Credit: PICA Time-Based Art Festival)

Image Credit: PICA Time-Based Art Festival

 Japanese Cultural Tourism in Oregon

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) was awarded a 2011/2012 Travel Oregon Matching Grant to develop a regional marketing campaign that targeted Japanese and Asian audiences to visit Oregon and the Time-Based Art Festival. Working with Japanese partners, PICA advertised in 4 Japanese publications, online, and paper media, one of which was in Japan. As a result of this project, PICA was able to build partnerships with Japanese press along the West Coast and see an increase in website traffic of Japanese-speaking visitors.

Eastern Oregon Visitors Association Brand

Eastern Oregon Visitors Association was awarded a 2010/2011 Travel Oregon Matching Grant to implement a new Eastern Oregon branding style guide and website. In partnership with Wieden+Kennedy and Travel Oregon, Eastern Oregon Visitors Association created a modern brand logo and platform to help tell their story. See the brand in action at

528701_10150776855923408_1567980203_nWe, the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association, find ourselves in a strange predicament. We want people to come experience the rich physical beauty, warm hospitality and living history of our vast, beautiful region. Just not too many people.

You see, we like secret fishing spots and roads less traveled. We like hiking mountains without seeing another soul and going to world-class restaurants that don’t require a reservation a year out, if they require one at all. We like being that hidden gem of a place that you only hear about through word of mouth from like-minded people.

And we think you’ll like those things, too. So come, visit, enjoy. And tell other folks who will really and truly get it. People who will love our part of the country as much as you did. Just don’t tell everyone.