Oregon’s Target Markets

The statutory mission of the Oregon Tourism Commission is to encourage economic growth and to enhance the quality of life in Oregon through a strengthened economic impact of tourism throughout the state. Marketing efforts by Travel Oregon are key to accomplishing this mission. Marketing inspires travel and drives incremental overnight marketable trips to Oregon by:

  • Reducing seasonal fluctuations in travel and tourism-related industries
  • Lengthening the average stay by encouraging visitors to be destination-oriented
  • Encouraging visitation from international markets

We strive to use our marketing dollars to their highest potential by efficiently delivering messages that highlight Oregon’s abundant outdoor recreation, rich cultural heritage, significant national historic sites, culinary richness, broad range of attractions and stunning natural beauty. Travel Oregon targets high yield, experience-hungry travelers who are likely to be receptive to our marketing communications and the travel product that is available in Oregon.

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If you have additional questions or comments about Oregon’s Target Markets, please contact the appropriate member of the Travel Oregon staff listed below.

  1. Gabi Duarte