Agritourism Development

Petrene Moreland and Keith Cooper with piglets from Sweet Briar Farms near Eugene, OR. (Image by: Greg Robeson/Oregon Bounty)

Agritourism is an opportunity to experience authentic agricultural life first hand. Visitors may find themselves picking ripe fruit in an orchard alongside farmers, herding cattle by horseback with ranchers, or hauling in nets aboard a commercial fishing vessel alongside fishermen. Given Oregon’s rich agricultural history and the rise in demand for experiential travel, Travel Oregon believes the state is well positioned to develop agritourism experiences in Oregon.

Since 2009, we have offered an agritourism development module as part of the Rural Tourism Studio. We support product development activities undertaken by regional action teams established through this program. To see what Wallowa County has created since establishing an Agritourism Action Team, check out their Communities Powered by Travel video.

In 2012, Travel Oregon commissioned a report to find the top development opportunities – the results highlighted the need to develop and promote quality culinary and agritourism product in Oregon as well as surface the best practices from around the country. As a result, Travel Oregon is working with a statewide Agritourism Network to assist with the development and implementation of the strategies found in the report.

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